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Cyberpunk 2077 Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Crappy Cars

You’ll only see cheap and mostly crappy cars within say the watson district for the most part but as you enter sub-districts like north oak you’ll be introduced or see more luxury rich and high-end brands of cars that are also more difficult to steal requiring higher amounts of points and specific stats vehicle variety also matters in the badlands of night city as nomad heavily armored vehicles perform better off-road scanning enemies comes with a few great benefits like slowing downtime and allowing you to see enemy information like what a valentino gang member may be weakened by and resistant to this is especially important if you meet red skull enemies which indicates they’re much higher level than you and will easily kill you.

If you’re not careful or strategic in combat with them gaining cyberware is quite costly and can only be done by ripper docks at their respective location many cyberware can give you huge gameplay benefits like mantis blades can slice enemies into pieces while guerrilla hands allow you to easily beat enemies to death other cyberware can improve basically your entire gameplay nativegamer experience from giving you more damage improving your attack speed slowing time when an enemy sees you and more karoshwe optics which gives you the ability to scan enemies.

Threat Detector

Huge upgrades which can be valuable like a threat detector mod which highlights enemies who have detected you each attribute in cyberpunk 2077 can be maxed out at 20. in doing so unlocks top tier perks and the respective skill trees but again you can’t do this for every attribute as the level cap is 50 in which you’ll stop gaining attribute points which are only earned by leveling up as far as we understand last but not least johnny silverhand he’s a digital ghost that only v can see building that relationship up is huge although it can evolve in different ways depending.

The biggest mistakes that we wish we avoided sooner in my playthrough especially the first one there’s a ton of stuff that we did wrong we wasted a ton of time and even more so we completely skipped on a ton of stuff that could have actually made me way stronger would have given me a ton more story options or it could have just given me some really amazing items that you can’t get otherwise so let’s jump right into it.

Beginning Of The Game

You’re doing right now and probably the one that you started at the beginning of the game without realizing that it sets you on a course towards failure and that is the fact that you are not planning your skills accordingly and you’re not planning your Cyberpunk 2077 Skill Tree native gamer distribution ahead of time because well surprise surprise there is no easy way to respect your character in this game unless you start from the very beginning or roll back on your save files.


These are set in stone once you pick them you cannot change them so things like the body the cool the reflexes they are permanent there is no known way to go ahead and reset these to further distribute them again at the same time the perk points which are actually the ones that you invest inside of these categories like the various passives and the other skills and these can be indeed reset but at a really big cost which is going to be in the form of this tabula e rasa chip that you can get at any ripper dock but this one check this out it costs 100 000 eddies which is a fortune.

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