Best Homemade Natural Weedkiller


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Best Homemade Natural Weedkiller

When you start setting a garden you face many problems regarding the weeds. Most of the time weeds destroy your garden by harming the plants. Instead of wasting your money by buying the weed killers from the market, you can even make the fertilizer at home with natural ingredients.

Sometimes you take got care of your lawn but still, weeds grow. Common household products like vinegar, salt, and water can also kill weeds. None of us want weeds in our garden. So stop the weeds destroying your garden by making the homemade fertilizers and apply them to the weeds. Some of the best homemade fertilizers are as follows:


Vinegar is one of the best solutions to this problem. As vinegar does not contain many chemicals but is a natural herbicide. It can destroy anything on which it is sprayed. So you have to be cautious while using it because if you accidentally spray on other plants it will kill them. You have to use vinegar, again and again, to kill the weeds completely if you want to kill them at once then purchase the vinegar with high strength.

Homemade Weedkiller

If you are worried due to weeds in the garden and you cannot buy the fertilizer then you can make the weeds killer at your home without any worry. To make the weeds killer all you have to do is to take a bottle of vinegar, a cup of salt and dish soap mix them all and make a solution. Then put it in the spray bottle. When you will spray be careful because it can even harm the flowers. This solution works best on a sunny day. It is very strong as it can even kill the soil and nothing can grow.

Boiling Water

This is the cheapest and easiest way to remove the weeds from the garden, driveways, and sideways. The cracks in sideways and driveways you can simply just pour the boiling water in the pores it will kill the weeds instantly. It will not kill the weeds from the roots weeds can grow again so keep doing this procedure until the weeds stop growing.

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