How to get better fps in Fortnite?


How to get better fps in Fortnite?

Fortnite is popular due to its best graphics and the graphics of the game are getting better day by day. Fortnite features real-world lighting, reflections, shadows, best sound effect, and many other things that make Fortnite one of the most beautiful games around the world.

FPS stands for frames per second recently the players have been seen complaining about the drop-down of fps. The number of frames indication the number of images that appear in one second. Players do not need to worry about fps because there are ways to boost the fps in the game.

Booting FPS:

The first and foremost step is a computer setting.  It depends on the Hardware of the system the lower end hardware will not allow a very high fps number. In the contrast, the expensive graphics card and high-end hardware will give the user better fps in Fortnite.

To increase the performance you need to locate the game setting put the window mode to full screen to the desired resolution. The 60 frameworks well on 60hz monitors and 240 fps work best on 240hz monitors.  The setting is unlimited the greatest disadvantage is that that it can cause stuttering and fps drop issues faced by the majority of players.

The graphic setting is very important to increase the fps of Fortnite. Set the graphics to custom with 100% 3D resolution and epic view distance. In setting turn off the shadow and anti-aliasing. And other options like textures and effects should be set to low.

Another method to increase fps is to update everything on your system to the latest version. You should have Windows 10 in your system and updated graphics and drivers. The updated version will ensure that your game will run to the best of its capabilities. After applying all these changes you must restart your system.

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