How To Merge Fortnite Accounts


How To Merge Fortnite Accounts

Fortnite is a battle game in which around 100 people play at a time. It is developed by Epic Games. Players are competing with each other in the game. One can play solo as well in the team. The solo player or team which survives for the very last moment is the winner of the game or tournament.

The game is all about the survival you have to survive from the firefights, zombies, and monsters. You can even create a building to save yourself from the massive attack. Another advantage of building is that you can take the enemy by surprise.

You are given many new rewards and prizes when you complete the challenges. The rewards include skins, a new location, and weapons. You can unlock many new and unique skins from the item shop. The weapons are also given to you as a reward in the item shop. You even have the option to purchase a glider, new shoes, cap, glasses, car, and weapons.

Some of these things come into your locker for a limited time and after that time they disappear from your locker. So try to purchase the stuff that is not time-limited.

How to merge accounts in Fortnite

Fortnite updates are loved by the players. The latest update of cars is greatly impressed by the players. Many players want to shift to a different platform after a little time. In the beginning, you cannot have more than one account but later Epic has removed it for unknown reasons. Merging accounts allow the players to recover hard-earned cosmetics from the platform they no longer use or have left for some reason. If you want your account from different platforms than the instructions are given below:

Account Merging of Fortnite:

  • First of all, you need to recognize your primary and secondary accounts. Primary accounts are the ones which you want to combine and the secondary accounts are the ones you are combining and gain the progress so far.
  • The second step is that you have to visit the official website of Epic and login to your account through which platform you are currently playing the game. Whether it is PC, Switch, or Xbox One. Open that account from the desired platform.
  • After logging into your account the third step is to follow the path account go to connection then after that go to the option of the switch to account to see all the available platforms such as PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Play station.
  • In step 4 you have to list the platforms on which you already have an account other than the current one. Link your existing account to the new platform you want to switch to and then log in on that account. After performing the following steps you will be successful playing the game on the new platform without harming the previous one.
  • When you shift to the new platform the cosmetics might take some time to appear in your new platform account. You have to patient with the merging process.

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