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Best Golf Club set for Intermediate

Getting the best golf club set for the intermediate is highly recommended who start to play the golf. They need different types of equipment so that they can try out different aspects of the game. It is very challenging for beginners to choose the most appropriate set. The best Golf Club set for beginners is mentioned below.

Callaway Men’s Strata Golf set

If you are a beginner and want to improve your performance and capabilities in golf then Callaway Men’s Strata Golf set is best suited for you. The set includes 12 pieces designed for maximum performance. The set is very light in weight and 5 hybrids which is always a great alternative for long irons. The iron of the golf is stainless and provides high performance. The set also includes the putter that will help you to achieve incredible accuracies. The set comes up with every item that the intermediate player will require. The set is highly affordable for the intermediates.

Wilson Profile Junior Golf set

Wilson profile Junior Golf set includes long and short cavity irons. So you can change the irons according to you. When you are a beginner you need to focus on the swing speed. The Wilson Profile Junior Golf set is specially made for the intermediates to improve their swing speed and improve their overall performance. The set contains a total of 9 pieces which includes drivers, hybrid, short iron, long iron, two head covers, putter, wedge, and a bag. The set is highly affordable with good quality products in it.

Precise M5 Men’s Golf Club Set

Precise M5 Men’s Golf Club set includes all the items not only for beginners but also for the expert golfer. The set includes an oversized clubhead that is user-friendly and makes it easy for the intermediate golfer to make a nice swing. The disadvantage of the set is that it is only best for right-handed players.

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